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Mountain View Soap

Merry Cranberry Wax Melts

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One of my personal FAVORITE scents of ALL TIME! These Cranberry Bliss Glazed Donut Wax Melts smell of a deep, sweet blend of ripe cranberry, citrus zest, and warm woods. It is fresh and comforting!

Fragrance: - Phthalate Free

You will receive ONE Wax Melts weighing approximately 3.5-4 oz total. These wax melts will arrive packaged in a resealable bag.

These wax melts are made to order. Please allow an additional 1-3 days for your order to be shipped!

About: These wax melts are made with a ParaSoy Blend scented with the maximum fragrance. Our scented wax melts are intended for home fragrance and can be melted in approved wax warmers. 

To Use: Simply place desired wax melts into a wax warmer and melt to release the fragrance! 

One donut will release about 4 hours or so of fragrance depending on your room size and warmer.

Please note that scent throw may vary due to heat of warmer, room size, airflow, personal scent tolerance, etc.

Scent will begin to fade over time. We recommend using your scented wax melts within six months to one year for the best results. 

Not edible/Do Not Consume - For External Use Only - Keep Out of Eyes and Mouth - Discontinue Use If Irritation Occurs - Consult a Physician with Concerns

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